Friday, February 21, 2014

Book for (the rest of) February

I'm part of this group on Goodreads. Its an amazing website! I highly suggest signing up for the site if you haven't already. Anywho..the group is called So You Like YA?! YA= young adult. I decided to join a young adult group because these types of books are fun. Most importantly, the members aren't a whole lot older than me.
One of the books for this month is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
Its about all kinds of magic, and angles and demons, based in 1878 London. I will not speak further. Only that it is a VERY good books thus far.

We are supposed to have it read by 2/28/14, so a review will be coming soon. If you have any questions about the book, Goodreads, or the group feel free to contact me!

Be well.

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