Friday, February 21, 2014

Renewing My Love and About Me

This is the start of my book blogging journey! I'm pretty stoked and I hope to have creative reviews in the future. I decided to start this to share my love of books, and opinions because I have reconnected with the love I have for literature. I've been so packed with life, and I have finally found comfort again. I also hope to post things about overall wellness. Maybe pictures of healthy yummy food, ways to think positively, yada yada.

A little about me.
Firstly, my name is Sia. I am a 20 year female living in good ol' Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm living with my main squeeze, my Labrador Retreiver and my boyfriend's demon kitty. I'm going to school for computer science, but that will probably change about 20 more times. I am in love with books, yoga, cooking, and school (nerd!). I'm currently learning how to love life even when all kinds of crap gets in the way. This blog will consist of:
80% books
10% discoveries/epiphanies 
5% food
5% yoga

I must now go and read a few more chapters of Clockwork Angel. A review will be coming shortly.

Be well.

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