Monday, April 14, 2014

A Book Review: Spearwood Academy Episodes 1-5

Spearwood Academy: Episodes 1-5 by A.S. Oren  

Avalon is the first female of her kind in centuries. She is a dragon shapeshifter, who is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. Spearwood Academy has the answers to her questions, but there is just one problem, up until she came along it was an all boy school. How ever will this Harry Potter geek, Whovian and Nerdfighter wade through the waters of testosterone, greed and even love?
I was asked to write an honest review in exchange for a free book. Since this is an honest review, I am not biased in any way...

Anyways! I loved these first five episodes! It was one of those stories that I couldn't stop thinking about while cooking dinner. The writing was very well done when it came to building up the story and character. I enjoyed all of the characters, and could picture Spearwood Academy perfectly. I have never read a book about humans changing into dragons, but this was an amazing start.
The only reason why I didn't give the book 5/5 stars is because I didn't think there were enough heart pumping moments throughout these episodes. However, the ending was crazy and I can't wait to read the next few episodes!
My rating: 4/5 stars 

Let me know if you read this kick ass book! 

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